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Leonardo DiCaprio is a force to be reckoned with in 2019. The Oscar-winning actor and film producer is no longer just the Wolf of Wall Street, or our beloved Jack from Titanic, he’s now a fully-fledged environmentalist on a mission. Leading the charge on World Earth Day every year, DiCaprio releases content, like his ‘We love the earth’ music video this year, that makes us think about what we are doing to our planet and the unsustainable ways we are living. He also made a documentary in 2016 with National Geographic, ‘Before The Flood’, where he met with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change.

Back in 2015, DiCaprio decided to take the plunge and purchase an island in Belize to build his very own eco-resort, set to be “ground-breaking in the environmental movement.” The island in question, Blackadore Caye, was sold for $1.75 million to DiCaprio and his business partner, who have been working ever since to create an eco-haven of restorative paradise in Central America, to potentially open in 2020.

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Where exactly is it and why hasn’t it opened yet?

Blackadore Caye island is situated in Belize, a country in Central America with a diverse ecosystem of terrestrial and marine species that is recognised globally as part of the ‘Mesoamerican Biological Corridor’ region. Nearly 1.5 million visitors come to the tropical paradise of Belize year on year, to stay in beachfront cottages and luxury hotels alike. But Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-resort could mark a revolutionary change to tourism in the area, as visitors would come for a “restorative experience” on their sustainable stay.

What would the eco-resort be like?

Blackadore Caye has suffered from overfishing, an eroding coastline and deforestation of its mangrove trees for years. DiCaprio’s resort is hoping to be the eco-friendly answer to the 104-acre island’s environmental problems through building ‘off-the-grid ‘living homes’’ and a research station focused on climate change. It plans to be the ‘World’s first truly restorative island development.’

When it finally opens, the exclusive eco-resort will be in good company as Belize’s Four Seasons Hotel is also set to be built in the near future – this mock up gives us a good idea as to what it will most probably look like.

Mock up of Four Seasons Hotel, Belize Courtesy of Four Seasons.

With unrivalled sunset views, Blackadore Caye is being described as the Maldives of Central America.

What does Leonardo DiCaprio have to say?

Did you know? DiCaprio is an avid scuba diver. In fact, it was his first trip to Belize to swim in its barrier reef in 2005 that sparked the actor’s love of the island.

In an interview with The New York Times, Leonardo DiCaprio said about the eco-resort:

“The main focus is to do something that will change the world. I couldn’t have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren’t for the idea that it could be ground-breaking in the environmental movement.”

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“With the onset of climate change, there are huge challenges, so we want the structure to not only enhance and improve the environment, but to be a model for the future.”