The Cayman Islands offer and tranquil & luxurious home away from home

With so many breathtaking destinations across the globe, more Americans are looking for retirement and vacation homes outside of the continental United States. Online real estate marketplace Point2 Homes recently released a list of America’s most appealing overseas destinations for a second home, according to monthly Google searches within the US.
From the bustling streets of Argentina to the relaxing coasts of Barbados, see the hottest places for a home away from home below. We’re not surprised at which destination they ranked #1!

20. argentina

19. cuba

18. Colombia

17. Barbados

16. Bermuda

15. aruba

14. Cayman Islands

13. Nicaragua

12. Honduras

11. Jamaica

10. Bahamas

9. Dominican Republic

8. Ecuador

7. Canada

6. Panama

5. US Virgin Islands

4. Mexico

3. Puerto Rico

2. Costa Rica

1. Belize